March & April Wrap 2014 – wtf


Before I knew it March was over and we were halfway through April. So here are the clich├ęd group of tracks I couldn’t get enough of.

Featured local Band

West Thebarton Brothel Party

Adelaide band with an Adelaide reference in their name got me intrigued. But fuck, this song absolutely blew me away with it’s wall of sound garage guitars and the perfectly hoarse vocals. I had to listen to this song for a bunch more times after the initial listen, it really hooks you in and doesn’t wear out. One song from these dudes is not enough, absolutely aching to hear more.

Songs and Videos to Make Your Day

Gang of Youths – Riverlands

I’ve gone on about how incredible Gang of Youths are before, so I went spend to long drooling over this one. Whatever mood you are in at this point, Riverlands will be the perfect song for you to listen to; it’s that gorgeous and the songwriting is flawless.

Gang of Youths – Poison Drum

Is it in bad taste for me to post two Gang of Youths tracks one after the other? Probably, but when you’ve heard these songs you will understand. A complete contrast to Riverlands, Poison Drums takes a driving beat channeling some old school raw country flavours into their sound without losing their stadium sized indie rock sound that has propelled them into the fast paced ride they have been on since Evangelists took off. The lyrics and vocal delivery are right up my alley and if I was frothing for the album before, I’m wetting myself in excitement now.

Bad//Dreems – Dumb Ideas

Old mates are back with a new 7″ on Ivy League Records. The other track on the vinyl is a catchy indie garage pop number, so the fact that Dumb Ideas has taken the world by storm with it’s Aussie charisma and raucous riffs can only mean that a path to world domination has begun for the rest of the year.

Northeast Party House – The Haunted

I can’t really get tired of any Northeast Party House song that they have written. If you aren’t yet acquainted with the bands guitar heavy, dance floor friendly, hook laden songs; then this is the perfect introduction.

City Calm Down – Pavement

City Calm Down don’t write instant hits, they write growers. Pavement is no exception, a slight bit of genius shines through in more than one occasion after a few listens.

Chet Faker – 1998

I’ve been vibin’ on that long introduction, key riff and mesmerising hook since this one first came out.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

You can probably guess that I don’t really have a section of folk music in my collection, so when a track of the folk persuasion catches my attention, it has to be a pretty darn good one. What I feel when I hear this song makes me think it has the hallmarks of a great, great song. I feel a certain sense of nostalgia when I hear My Silver Lining but its also very fresh and although a bit cliched, it doesn’t feel boring.

The Kooks – Down

Both on the surface and deep inside, Down feels like one of those jam tracks that bands have where they just muck around with a loop and a hook and their fans love it because it’s something different. Apart from it being ridiculously catchy and oozing incredible amounts of cool, I think what makes this song so appealing is the risk they took releasing it as a single. The Kooks definitely have my attention again