October 2013 Wrap – I Think Yes


Song to watch

Panama – Always

The title track of the band’s new EP Always, perfectly showcases Panama’s exploration in the art of the moody build up, which seems to be featured a lot on the new material. I must say, they definitely know what they are doing with their build up on this one as they add to the dark and heavy chords the whole way though. This is all paired with some fantastically rich production and an inescapable chorus and bridge that adds up to it being a brilliant track. The video is also wonderfully clever and picks right up where the clip for It’s Not Over left off which we previously featured a year ago now.

Client Liason – Feeling

I didn’t realise they made songs like this anymore. The sound is so familiar but the song is so unique… That bass! Those synths! Client Liason can’t lose with this one!


Best Video Clip

Saskwatch – Hands

Every month brings with it a plethora of DIY videos for a lot of sick songs, the thing is that most of the videos are either shit or boring. Melbournes soul champions Saskwatch bring a lovable and fun video to accompany the joy-filled Hands. It’s a clever DIY flick that utilises its platform and has all kinds of charm and originality.

Violent Soho – Covered in Chrome

Another monthly wrap and another post about Violent Soho, but fuck can you really blame me? A superbly devised one shot video that keeps you engaged the whole way through and wraps up nicely. Complete with guest appearances and some clever camera work, this is where it’s at.

Yeasayer – Glass of the Microscope

So it seems like Yeasayer are pretty keen on changing things up in terms of their sound delivering us yet another vastly different offering from their back catalogue. One thing that always remains consistent however, is the weird and intriguing videos that accompany their tracks. Just like the song, the video leaves you not quite sure what is happening but you can’t really pull yourself away.

Mirador Recommends

Artist: She Wants Revenge

Genre:  Weird alt pop with a drum machine

What’s so good? It’s that repetitive indie style somewhere between fuzzy organic indie and electronic art pop. The sound is European enough for me to be surprised when I found they were from San Fran.

Recommendation: All their stuff is pretty hit and miss so work out your own playlist, it starts to get more hit and miss post 2006 though


Featured local band




Containing most of the members of charmers The Ocean Party is the equally if not more brilliant Velcro. Without the vocal swapping that makes up The Ocean Party, Velcro is lead by Curtis Wakeling from the band who pretty much wrote and recorded everything himself. This project has that same breed of magic as it’s parent band, that rough and honest vibe that could also fall under the slacker genre.

Velcro songs are filled with honest lyrics that just make you smile around all these catchy little guitar licks. The recordings obviously have a live feel about them and it is live that this band really shines, allowing the riffs to really weave their energy and emotion through the audience.