This Time Darlin’


Gang of Youths – Benevolence Riots

Sydney come Nashville come Sydney crew Gang of Youths became an artist I was keeping my eye on a while ago now, and the reason why is gems like this. They know how to keep you drooling while still waiting for some kind of actual proper release bar a few tracks here and there. Benevolence Riots like always lets Dave’s low sombre tones really shine through with a left of centre yet catchy melody driving it home. Backed up on this one by songstress Montaigne it really feels like some sort of soundtrack to a three and a half minute movie in which you are riding a railroad of emotions. Intrigueing and mysterious, placid and dark. Brilliant songwriting.

Relying on Luck – Marshall

A former hardcore kid like me who still has a bit of a soft spot for NY style hardcore can’t go past these Adelaide boys. Doing good, doing loud, doing proud. It makes me want to start a circle pit and be one of those dicks that stands in the middle and trys to clothesline people.

The Peep Tempel – Big Fish

Well Carol went kind of nuts for these guys didn’t it. How do you follow up a track like that? With a toungue in cheek, balls out track like this that works so well; that being said though maybe it works so well because it has a lot of elements that Carol did. Either way I approve fully of their album Tales, you be the judge yourself.

The Creases – Gradient

Melodic guitar lines, fuzzy chords, driving bass and drums and some deep voiced good old fashioned story telling connection. These guys do alright for a bunch of blokes who look like the early 60s Beatles woke up in 2014. Highly recommend this new jam of theirs.