Shut Your Mouth, Just Listen


So I haven’t posted anything for a while. Big deal. There have been some sick tunes come out lately that made me want to post so shut your mouth and just fucking listen.

Japanese Wallpaper – Forces (feat. Airling)

Japanese Wallpaper, froth. Airling, froth. What did you expect from these two? It references some of Japanese Wallpapers more successful past tunes but it works so damn well that every word Airling breathes over the beat absolutely breaks my heart.

The Japanese House – Still

Speaking of heartbreaking… this is one of the more moving songs I’ve heard in a while. Stunning production and writing to create a really incredible sound scape of slow burning beats and heart wrenching lyrics.

Crystal Castles – Frail

The new Crystal Castles song sounds like Crystal Castles?… good – that’s why I like it.

Jesse Davidson – Laika

Jesse Davidson’s voice is crazy good. Dude has so much charm in his music and this song shows just how intelligent his particular brand of indie pop is.

Ta-Ku X Jaden Smith – Beast Mode

And now here is 8 minutes 55 seconds of brilliant hip hop from combo that I did not expect. Jaden Smith should stop acting and rap more. This is waaayyy cool.