Mirador Records 4 Year Party feat. Mansionair and Luke Million


In celebration of reflection and keeping the momentum, we are taking over the Queens Theatre in the heart of Adelaide on Friday May 27 for our 4 year celebration party.



Starting off from 6:30pm until late, it’s going to be a rager. Live sets will see Mansionair, Luke Million, Problems, World Wild and Nuseum take to the stage, along with DJ sets from Valleys DJs, Battlehounds DJs and Mirador DJs.

Also serving as the launch for Mirador Records’ new Arcade Game Label Sampler, good times are promised for all who attend but special treats for those who come early.

Presale tickets are $15 from Mosthix


Banjo Jackson’s debut self-titled album


Banjo Jackson is a storyteller.

He writes the kind of masterfully vivid stories that tear you inside but at the same time warm you to the core. His gentle, wavering voice honestly captures you and really delivers but it’s his words that are what makes Banjo Jackson special.

On his debut album, Banjo’s collection of 10 songs serve as a novel as he seemingly takes you through the ebb and flow of a hopeless romance.

Originally premiered on the AU review. We present Banjo Jackson’s Banjo Jackson.





Shut Your Mouth, Just Listen


So I haven’t posted anything for a while. Big deal. There have been some sick tunes come out lately that made me want to post so shut your mouth and just fucking listen.

Japanese Wallpaper – Forces (feat. Airling)

Japanese Wallpaper, froth. Airling, froth. What did you expect from these two? It references some of Japanese Wallpapers more successful past tunes but it works so damn well that every word Airling breathes over the beat absolutely breaks my heart.

The Japanese House – Still

Speaking of heartbreaking… this is one of the more moving songs I’ve heard in a while. Stunning production and writing to create a really incredible sound scape of slow burning beats and heart wrenching lyrics.

Crystal Castles – Frail

The new Crystal Castles song sounds like Crystal Castles?… good – that’s why I like it.

Jesse Davidson – Laika

Jesse Davidson’s voice is crazy good. Dude has so much charm in his music and this song shows just how intelligent his particular brand of indie pop is.

Ta-Ku X Jaden Smith – Beast Mode

And now here is 8 minutes 55 seconds of brilliant hip hop from combo that I did not expect. Jaden Smith should stop acting and rap more. This is waaayyy cool.

All Kinds of Magic


World Wild – Coast to Coast

Something tells me that World Wild is a name we will be seeing a lot more of in 2015 and beyond. Somewhat of a chameleon through many different bands in Adelaide over the last decade or so, Jarrad Lee Jackson has turned his hand to a solo project and is freaking nailing it. Getting to it with an 80’s vibe of good time synths, classic rock guitars and laid back vocals, Coast to Coast is a pretty solid introduction to the creative stylings of World Wild.

Tigerilla – You Are feat. Baro

One thing really admirable about Tigerilla is that he really tries to push the boundaries with his fractured beat pop music. After his last single, I thought he might have lost it but here is with a really laid back and creative piece of music. It’s super intriguing, going at its own pace and doing just as much as it should.

Hayden James – Something About You

This is the jam of the summer right here. Hayden James returns with something that is just right for cruising, dancing, drinking and feeling good, a bubbly beat layered with hooks that wins you over with all of its turns.

SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land feat. Sampha

This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while and I’m pretty obsessed with SBTRKT’s whole new album of the same name. It mostly works thanks to Sampha’s vocals which absolutely nail it around SBTRKT’s unique production style. This is a live version from a BBC session or something, all kinds of magic happening here.

Because We Can


Halcyon Drive – Crusoe

We’ve posted about Halcyon Drive a few times before so I’m just going to go ahead and say right now that these guys are the best band in Melbourne. Their live shows are frantically engaging and moving cacophonies of melody, guitars, loops and many drums. Not only that, they back it up in the studio with sensibly arty pieces of indie pop gold. Mike’s voice is the sweetest and most captivating thing there is with the synergy, maturity and incredible wall of sound something almost unheard of from a two piece. Their whole new EP ‘Cruel Kids’ is out now featuring all of our favourite tunes of theirs, go and suss it out now.

Montgomery – Wake Up

There is really only one way to describe the mysterious songstress known as Montgomery and that is with a heart emoji. As evidenced by this captivating Arcade Fire cover.

Horror My Friend – No Energy

OK! Let’s start picking up the pace here. These lyrics sum up my life, the music makes me want to dance but not like a dickhead, just kind of not my head and sway a bit… so not even dancing really but yeah top stuff from the reliably solid local three piece.


The Smith Street Band – I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore

Songwriting is always at its best when a story is being told, but that story needs to have some sort of poetry about it, it needs to create vivid images in your head while not wavering from the overall vibe of the story. The Smith Street Band have always done this better than any other present day Australian punk bands and this track is no exception. Kicking off with some fast paced energy that builds up to the half time chorus that really nails it.

Felicity Groom – Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller

Part of the whole Perth scene of Tame Impala and friends who all play in each others bands and produce each others music, Felicity Groom seems to stand apart from the general psych sound that a lot of that crew are going for. This track is dark, brooding and demands that you examine it closely for any finer points you might have missed. You will find them of course, this track is like fine wine, pure brilliance but most people who are already smashed will just swig from the bottle and move onto the next one.

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – No Better Blues

The perfect jam for people who hate everything. Even if your just feeling down though this witty little piece of moody hip hop is everything that is right with hip-hop in the present day. Chance The Rapper proving to us once and for all that he really does deserve the hype that is building around him.

The Roots Feat. Modesty Lycan – When The People Cheer

Continuing on from the hip-hop of that last track I decided to finish off this post with this because fuck you thats why.

This Time Darlin’


Gang of Youths – Benevolence Riots

Sydney come Nashville come Sydney crew Gang of Youths became an artist I was keeping my eye on a while ago now, and the reason why is gems like this. They know how to keep you drooling while still waiting for some kind of actual proper release bar a few tracks here and there. Benevolence Riots like always lets Dave’s low sombre tones really shine through with a left of centre yet catchy melody driving it home. Backed up on this one by songstress Montaigne it really feels like some sort of soundtrack to a three and a half minute movie in which you are riding a railroad of emotions. Intrigueing and mysterious, placid and dark. Brilliant songwriting.

Relying on Luck – Marshall

A former hardcore kid like me who still has a bit of a soft spot for NY style hardcore can’t go past these Adelaide boys. Doing good, doing loud, doing proud. It makes me want to start a circle pit and be one of those dicks that stands in the middle and trys to clothesline people.

The Peep Tempel – Big Fish

Well Carol went kind of nuts for these guys didn’t it. How do you follow up a track like that? With a toungue in cheek, balls out track like this that works so well; that being said though maybe it works so well because it has a lot of elements that Carol did. Either way I approve fully of their album Tales, you be the judge yourself.

The Creases – Gradient

Melodic guitar lines, fuzzy chords, driving bass and drums and some deep voiced good old fashioned story telling connection. These guys do alright for a bunch of blokes who look like the early 60s Beatles woke up in 2014. Highly recommend this new jam of theirs.

Saturday Night This


Flowertruck – I Wanna Be With You

Really impressive stuff from these Sydney-siders. Some splendid sunny day guitar pop with some really solid hooks, think 80s guitar pop with a modern yet lo-fi touch.

Atticus Beats – Decisions feat. Woodes

Atticus Beats has been busy perfecting his laid back beats for a little while now and perfect it he has. Featuring vocals from Melbourne singer Woodes, Decisions has a soulful vibe perfect for some dreamy daytimes, relaxing hangs or slow dancing nights. Setting a very solid expectation of what to expect in the future, drooling to hear more of Atticus’ work.

Andras & Oscar – Looking Back

Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung’s much anticipated body of work is due to drop. You never really know what to expect when artists of this creative calibre come together and there is always so much curoisity as to how it will work. I wasn’t really too taken by their last track Everytime I Go. Oscar’s silky vocals melted me in Everytime I Go as they usually do but I really felt a disconnect in the production styles and direction of the track. Thankfully, Looking Back really gels in every wonderful way and the little production nuances fit rather well instead of seeming out of place. I also highly approve of Oscars vocals over a slight disco trend.

Hopium – Dreamers feat. Phoebe Lou

Dreamers has actually been out for a long time and I was going to post it first of all but then I thought it was one of those tracks that will probably fade pretty quickly. Turns out the track has just been floating in my head since, stuck there making me like it more and more each time I hear it to the point I had to post it. Those huge synths, captivating melodies and dark brooding beats won me over in the end, as did Phoebe Lou (ex Snakadaktal) and her dreamy additions to the vocals and spoken word part.