February 2014 Wrap – Too Late For Something

Somehow time got away from me this time around. These tracks aren’t fresh off the block anymore but to be honest, they haven’t left my stereo.

Song to watch

DZ Deathrays – Gina Works at Hearts

When DZ Deathrays returned to the consciousness of the music world late last year, a lot of people were surprised. Northern Lights was a sick track but a bit of a different direction for the Queensland duo and it kind of lacked the energy and vibes that gave the band their edge. Gina Works at Hearts is the band at their best, somehow they have managed to capture the pure DZ energy into a pop song. This track will go ape shit, frothing for the album.

DMA’s – Delete

I Oh You has easily been my favourite label for a while, not just because the tunes are sick but because of the way Johann runs it. The fact that he will take a band he believes in with no following that hasn’t played a show; and them push them through his label really shows why he is at the forefront of the game. Tracks like this show how much of a tastemaker he really is and why he is so respected by chumps like me.

This track is a grower, in the sense that it takes a while to uncover the true magic in the track. Sure, at first listen you get sucked in the charming vocals and acoustic vibes, but the more you listen, the more you become aware of the brilliance of the production and the songwriting.


Best Video Clip

Ausmuteants – No Motivation

Too many DIY bands put no effort into their videos, quite a depressing thing if you make awesome tunes and quite boring videos. Melbourne’s Ausmuteants have taken a more creative approach. It’s still true to DIY but has a lot of tongue in cheek chaos, digging it.

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap

Oh Chet, you’ve done it again. Your soft hooks and mesmerising soul infused tunes capture my heart. This video is a pretty clever timeline loop that you can’t take your eyes from.


Mirador Recommends


I was going to write about these guys in the Featured Local Band section we usually do but I’ve decided that soon they will be huge and I’ll look like a chump for writing about them like they were small time. It’s Raining, It’s Summer is a track that definitely caught our attention, now this four headed off shoot of Yves Klein Blue and Go Violets has released a killer tune called Too Late For Love.

They are just the right mix of fuzz, jangle, catchy hooks and melt-in-your-mouth vibes for our liking. Absolutely babin’ sounds.