Jimmy & The Mirrors – Where’s Ben? EP

Remember that time that music made you feel happy? You know, before you got tied down by emo-punk and diluted hip-hop and Lars fucking Ulrich and general disillusion? Remember that? Remember that time when there were cute girls at the bar in floral dresses, drinking rainbow-shaded cocktails whilst dancing to a soundtrack of optimism and bliss?

Jimmy & the Mirrors remember that.

Not only do they remember that feeling of a warm, inviting society; they pledge to continue it. The world has enough dread, sadness and melancholy. What it needs right now is a coy smile, a loud shirt and a guy with a trumpet.

Jimmy & The Mirrors latest EP ‘Where’s Ben?’ has just been release through Mirador Records.

Released on 12″ vinyl and digital, it has already been reeling in the positive reaction from punters and 4 star reviews from critics.

The band will be on tour to promote the EP playing the following dates:

Melbourne, August 17th at Brunswick Hotel
Adelaide, September 5th at Adelaide Central Markets, Spring Market Party
Sydney, September 24th at Frankies Pizza

You can purchase the 12″ extravaganza here: