Saturday Night This


Flowertruck – I Wanna Be With You

Really impressive stuff from these Sydney-siders. Some splendid sunny day guitar pop with some really solid hooks, think 80s guitar pop with a modern yet lo-fi touch.

Atticus Beats – Decisions feat. Woodes

Atticus Beats has been busy perfecting his laid back beats for a little while now and perfect it he has. Featuring vocals from Melbourne singer Woodes, Decisions has a soulful vibe perfect for some dreamy daytimes, relaxing hangs or slow dancing nights. Setting a very solid expectation of what to expect in the future, drooling to hear more of Atticus’ work.

Andras & Oscar – Looking Back

Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung’s much anticipated body of work is due to drop. You never really know what to expect when artists of this creative calibre come together and there is always so much curoisity as to how it will work. I wasn’t really too taken by their last track Everytime I Go. Oscar’s silky vocals melted me in Everytime I Go as they usually do but I really felt a disconnect in the production styles and direction of the track. Thankfully, Looking Back really gels in every wonderful way and the little production nuances fit rather well instead of seeming out of place. I also highly approve of Oscars vocals over a slight disco trend.

Hopium – Dreamers feat. Phoebe Lou

Dreamers has actually been out for a long time and I was going to post it first of all but then I thought it was one of those tracks that will probably fade pretty quickly. Turns out the track has just been floating in my head since, stuck there making me like it more and more each time I hear it to the point I had to post it. Those huge synths, captivating melodies and dark brooding beats won me over in the end, as did Phoebe Lou (ex Snakadaktal) and her dreamy additions to the vocals and spoken word part.

What It Is


Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders – Come On Back This Way feat. Sharon Van Etten

Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders were an easy highlight of BIGSOUND the other week. The perfect way to finish three nights of incredible artist showcases (depending which day you got there, and which way you left). Jack’s delivery of his mesmerising songs has you believing you are watching one of the greats of our time; when you listen to tracks like this it’s hard to believe he’s not yet a household name.

Featherweight – Paranoia, And What It Is To Let Someone Down

Featherweight having been purveyors of some of the finest and most emotive post rock meets hardcore for some years now. Perfectly balancing aggression and emotion. Slowly building a dedicated fanbase through steady touring, 2 demos and a 12″ which have helped hone their writing, Featherweight have premiered some of their finest work with their upcoming 7″ split with Sydney-siders Mowgli.

Rolling bass, guitar ring outs and some tom build ups had us drooling from the get go and it did not fail to deliver for the rest of the heart-wrenching 3 minute 50 second journey.

Richard In Your Mind – Hammered

Probably the best video of the year. I hope they do a sequel. This will be on my summer playlist. Every. Damn. Day.

The Smith Street Band – Surrender

How could I not? The kings of middle-class Aussie punk rock never fail to win our hearts, minds and ears with anything they release. Perfect stories that detail way too perfectly our own lives, pondering questions that we are always asking, these guys know how to write songs really, really, really well.

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz – Where No Eagles Fly

It caught me by suprised when I first heard Casablancas with the Voidz. For some reason I thought that he had long left the gruff lower-fi sounds all behind him and expected it to be as boring as his solo effort a few years back but turns out he can do whatever he wants and still has some fight left in him. Way more creative than anything he has ever done before and a lot more awesome (albeit less mainstream) than any of the Strokes stuff, we very much approve.

Airling – Wasted Pilots

For a long time Airling did nothing for me, sure sometimes hype is just hype and I like what I like whether there is hype or not. But Wasted Pilots sitting at the top of the independent radio charts for the last few weeks unshaken made me give this song a chance. It’s not a far leap from her first songs, dreamy and with just enough pop influence that is needed over stellar production, but this one I can actually feel the magic rather than just bore. Maybe I need to go back and suss the runner again, maybe Airling is just one of those artists that will get stronger the more she hones her craft.


Welcome to Frothtown


Babaganouj – Bluff

After previously eluding to the fact they are going to be huge with previous singles. QLD girl-boy-girl-boy indie kids Babaganouj have delivered utter brilliance with Bluff.
Opting for the oldest trick in the book – pure intelligent songwriting, Bluff is one piece of incredible Australian music that I won’t be forgetting this year.

The Peep Tempel – Carol

Utterly addictive, perfect groove. Over the last month I’ve found myself out of nowhere screaming inside my head “I don’t think Trevor is good for you… Carol”. The trouble is that this song demands to be shouted and demands you to move awkwardly amongst sweaty drunk punters so people look at you weird when you start shouting on while cycling home from work with it cranking full pelt.

Japanese Wallpaper feat. Jesse Davidson – Between Friends

Jesse’s voice was made for this type of production. Lush, well thought out and dreamy pop music that carries you away on clouds; there is a reason why both of these artists are making huge waves right now.

The Stevens – Thirsty Eye

I wouldn’t have been nearly as into this track if was any higher fidelity. Capturing a certain vibe of an era mostly gone, Thirsty Eye delivers some real wit with some of the catchiest, jangliest melodies. Listening to this would be best in a small club where people are dancing real old fashioned spinning each other around twisting and shouting while the band smash through their set and destroy everything on stage.

Ride Into The Sun – Outside

This Adelaide four piece have been around for a while and have caught my ear before but never really enough for me to bother. The brilliant production on this shows me that they are stepping thing up for their newest release. Listened to in the right setting, the production opens up space in such a way that you feel like all the instruments are playing around you. This one is a real trip, about halfway through I thought I accidentally skipped tracks into an old Pink Floyd record stick with it right to the end and let it guide you where ever it pleases; you won’t be disappointed.

George Maple – Talk Talk

It’s about bloody time George Maple released something properly. I don’t know if she is still living in London but I’m glad that this lived up to expectations. Dreamy and moving it ticks all the boxes. But seriously, with Flume and Alex from Sparkadia working with her on it there was almost no chance it wasn’t going to be a hit.

Jimmy & The Mirrors – Where’s Ben? EP


Remember that time that music made you feel happy? You know, before you got tied down by emo-punk and diluted hip-hop and Lars fucking Ulrich and general disillusion? Remember that? Remember that time when there were cute girls at the bar in floral dresses, drinking rainbow-shaded cocktails whilst dancing to a soundtrack of optimism and bliss?

Jimmy & the Mirrors remember that.

Not only do they remember that feeling of a warm, inviting society; they pledge to continue it. The world has enough dread, sadness and melancholy. What it needs right now is a coy smile, a loud shirt and a guy with a trumpet.

Jimmy & The Mirrors latest EP ‘Where’s Ben?’ has just been release through Mirador Records.

Released on 12″ vinyl and digital, it has already been reeling in the positive reaction from punters and 4 star reviews from critics.

You can purchase the 12″ extravaganza here:

May 2014 Wrap – I’l get you next time Captain Planet


Band to Watch


If you like mesmerising beats then it doesn’t get much more enthralling than this, a duo from Melbourne whose track ‘Cut’ is a very impressive slowburn of emotion. it’s like heart wrenching gut stabbing emotion etched into the sexiest of sounds. I wish these guys had more tunes or information on the net so that I had more to write about, but for now just get sucked into screen with this.


Song to watch

Step Panther – Nowhere

The Sydney trio have some fucking great tunes in their repertoire, it almost feels like they try and approach every song from a completely different direction but they all retain the same epic vibes that go perfectly with a few beers in the sun. And just between you and me, I think the Nowhere is one of the most exciting tracks we’ve heard from these guys.

Bored Nothing – NOT

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of Bored Nothing. Sure, they have some good songs and Fergus is an excellent bloke but there was nothing there that really made me a champion of their cause, they were just a band I liked. Until now. I don’t think this is associated to any kind of proper release as yet but it should be. It has all the intricate atmospheric magic of DMA’s huge track Delete, but keeps it all simple and a bit lo-fi so there’s a more genuine kind of charm exuding from it.

Sick Video

DZ Deathrays – Reflective Skull

If there’s one way to play on every aspect of my being it’s ashing together a random school time nostalgia with chicks in pajama pants. Pair that with some of DZ’s crunchy garage rock and we are set, Reflective Skull isn’t quite as strong as Gina Works at Hearts but still brings the goods.

Kim Churchill – Window to the Sky

Some simple camera tricks, neat editing and cool shots does the trick any day if you want a DIY video to nail it. Pretty sure this song is doing alright too.

Rehacer – Volumen Once


The Smiths – This Charming Man (Skream Remix)

The full title of this remix is “Skream’s Heart Wrenching Ballads Remix”, which pretty much gives an indication of the direction of this remix. Taking a very laid back, piano driven approach that fits so well, Skream adds something to this track that no one expected. Even the looped sample advertising his soundcloud underneath cannot ruin this track, at first it leaves you unsure but about a minute and a half in it all makes sense.


The Kooks – Down (Dan Aux Remix)

The Kooks, stunningly different new single caught my attention and this remix just added that extra little bit of necessary dance-floor fever to it. Also, a little bit of a mash-up never goes astray when it’s this smooth as this.


Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In feat. Wafia (Daktyl Remix)

Relaxing Sundays in the sun.


Chromeo – Come Alive (Le Youth Remix)

Let’s have some fun.


Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap (EBY Remix)

This is captivating. I’d be grabbing the free d/l while you can.

March & April Wrap 2014 – wtf


Before I knew it March was over and we were halfway through April. So here are the clichéd group of tracks I couldn’t get enough of.

Featured local Band

West Thebarton Brothel Party

Adelaide band with an Adelaide reference in their name got me intrigued. But fuck, this song absolutely blew me away with it’s wall of sound garage guitars and the perfectly hoarse vocals. I had to listen to this song for a bunch more times after the initial listen, it really hooks you in and doesn’t wear out. One song from these dudes is not enough, absolutely aching to hear more.

Songs and Videos to Make Your Day

Gang of Youths – Riverlands

I’ve gone on about how incredible Gang of Youths are before, so I went spend to long drooling over this one. Whatever mood you are in at this point, Riverlands will be the perfect song for you to listen to; it’s that gorgeous and the songwriting is flawless.

Gang of Youths – Poison Drum

Is it in bad taste for me to post two Gang of Youths tracks one after the other? Probably, but when you’ve heard these songs you will understand. A complete contrast to Riverlands, Poison Drums takes a driving beat channeling some old school raw country flavours into their sound without losing their stadium sized indie rock sound that has propelled them into the fast paced ride they have been on since Evangelists took off. The lyrics and vocal delivery are right up my alley and if I was frothing for the album before, I’m wetting myself in excitement now.

Bad//Dreems – Dumb Ideas

Old mates are back with a new 7″ on Ivy League Records. The other track on the vinyl is a catchy indie garage pop number, so the fact that Dumb Ideas has taken the world by storm with it’s Aussie charisma and raucous riffs can only mean that a path to world domination has begun for the rest of the year.

Northeast Party House – The Haunted

I can’t really get tired of any Northeast Party House song that they have written. If you aren’t yet acquainted with the bands guitar heavy, dance floor friendly, hook laden songs; then this is the perfect introduction.

City Calm Down – Pavement

City Calm Down don’t write instant hits, they write growers. Pavement is no exception, a slight bit of genius shines through in more than one occasion after a few listens.

Chet Faker – 1998

I’ve been vibin’ on that long introduction, key riff and mesmerising hook since this one first came out.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

You can probably guess that I don’t really have a section of folk music in my collection, so when a track of the folk persuasion catches my attention, it has to be a pretty darn good one. What I feel when I hear this song makes me think it has the hallmarks of a great, great song. I feel a certain sense of nostalgia when I hear My Silver Lining but its also very fresh and although a bit cliched, it doesn’t feel boring.

The Kooks – Down

Both on the surface and deep inside, Down feels like one of those jam tracks that bands have where they just muck around with a loop and a hook and their fans love it because it’s something different. Apart from it being ridiculously catchy and oozing incredible amounts of cool, I think what makes this song so appealing is the risk they took releasing it as a single. The Kooks definitely have my attention again